Glendale Town Hall Summary

Here is a brief summary of what we learned at the Glendale Town Hall meeting:

The meeting was run by Captain Mike Gross of the Glendale PD. He informed us that the fire at the under-construction Solana Apartment Complex at the 800 block of South Cherry St was first reported to 911 at 11:32pm on Saturday, December 14.

Glendale PD arrived on the scene at 11:34pm and immediately called Denver Fire. Denver Fire arrived on scene at 11:37pm and immediately began fire protection on Kentucky Ridge. Fire suppression on the construction site began at 11:47pm. Evacuation of Kentucky Ridge began around 11:40pm.

The fire was put out in the early morning hours of Sunday, December 15. Approximately half of Denver’s firefighting capacity reported to the scene and was able to aid in putting out secondary fires at other apartment complexes in Glendale and Denver. Approximately 650,000 gallons of water were used to put out the fire.¬†Residences at Kentucky Ridge damaged by the fire and evacuation efforts were secured by a construction and restoration company before the fire was put out.

The ATF has had control of the scene since that time, investigating the cause of the fire. They will issue a Cause and Origin report when they have made their final determination as to the cause. However, this report may take some time. It is expected that they will release the scene in the next week and the developer of the complex will take control of the property and begin cleanup. Cleanup of the property is expected to take less than a month.

As for Kentucky Ridge, the HOA Board President was arriving on scene at approximately 11:40pm. By midnight, members of the board had coordinated and by 12:08am Maximum Property Management had been notified. Western Maintenance and Construction was contacted and got in touch with the board at 12:23am. Western MC personnel were on scene by approximately 1am. The owner of Western MC arrived on scene shortly after. The owner of Western MC was in contact with the board until after 2am as he tried to get onto the property to assess the damage and begin securing the property. Unfortunately, they were not allowed to access the property, as another construction and restoration company holds the contract with the Denver FD to do immediate securing of damaged properties. A Western MC employee remained adjacent to the property through the night in case anyone needed help.

Going forward, both the developer of the Solana Apartment Complex and the City of Glendale are committed to finishing construction of the apartment complex. At this time, additional security measures are being discussed but have not been decided on. We have asked to be informed when they have decided on a security plan.

If you have information about this fire or witnessed something you believe could assist in this investigation please call 303-639-4328.

Any residents who need a police report for their insurance can fill out this Request for Records form at no cost.