Monthly Archives: January 2014

Lift Station Failure

At approximately midnight this morning, January 23, an electrical component in the lift station failed. Unfortunately, this electrical failure also disabled the pump alarms. For unknown reasons, the emergency backup generator did not turn on. This chain of events resulted in some units’ sewers backing up. If your unit was […]

Dog Waste Problem

The Good: Today’s score, AFC Championship Game: Broncos 26, Patriots 16. The Bad: Today’s tally of uncollected dog waste piles in our common areas: 32. Is this shameful? Is this neighborly? Is this acceptable? Yes, no, no. Kentucky Ridge faces many weeks of repair crews working on our property in […]

Glendale Fire Update

From Captain Mike Gross of the Glendale Police Department: The insurance fire investigators were on scene today to conduct their independent investigations.  They were briefed by Denver Fire and the ATF this morning and then went out on to the site.  This was a step that needed to take place […]

Window Installations

Western Maintenance and Construction has informed us that they will be on site starting today to schedule window installations with residents whose windows were damaged by the fire. If you are not home when they come by, they will leave a door hanger with a phone number you can call […]