Dog Waste Problem

The Good: Today’s score, AFC Championship Game: Broncos 26, Patriots 16.

The Bad: Today’s tally of uncollected dog waste piles in our common areas: 32.

Is this shameful? Is this neighborly? Is this acceptable?

Yes, no, no.

Kentucky Ridge faces many weeks of repair crews working on our property in the wake of the fire damage, plus a summer of structural repairs to many of our units, repairs which had already been planned before the disaster of the fire. Should workmen have to side-step the mess and health hazards of dog waste? Should any of us?

I have been an owner here for 13 years. The failure to pick up dog waste has never been as bad as it is now. Do the guilty parties not realize how inconsiderate they are being when they routinely neglect to clean up after their pets? How inconsiderate would I be, as an example, if I routinely emptied my cat’s litter box in the courtyard for neighbors and guests to sidestep? It would never occur to me to do that, but many residents here seem to believe that picking up after their dogs is a different matter.

It is not. It is bad behavior and it needs to stop. Be a good neighbor and a responsible pet owner and practice bending over with a bag in your hand to take care of business after your dogs have taken care of theirs.