Fire Repair Updates

A message from Rick Langley, owner of Western Maintenance & Construction:

Kentucky Ridge Residents,


I would like to take the time to outline the construction process for the fire repairs at Kentucky Ridge.


The insurance company has outlined a scope of work that pays for the reconstruction of approved areas, to include stucco, windows, doors, roofs, trim, decks, painting, etc.  While the insurance company covers the costs of these repairs they will not cover removing the stucco around windows in order to replace the windows until the stucco can be removed and replaced at the same time.  (The broken and shattered windows on the two north buildings were an exception because the insurance company allowed for extra monies to secure the units.)


Insurance will not pay for extra scaffolding, labor, tenting, or heating of the stucco.  The stucco needs to be applied at temperatures above 45 degrees and temperatures should not go below freezing for 6 to 8 hours after the stucco is applied so it will not freeze and allow the new stucco to cure properly.  If the stucco freezes and cracks or is not applied per manufacturers guidelines it will void any warranties offered on the stucco system.


With good weather and temperatures during the days  we can schedule the roofs to be completed before the stucco system is started.


Western will set schedules as weather and temperatures allow.


Rick Langley