Snow Removal Guidelines

As we’re having our first real snow of the season, we thought it would be helpful to send out the snow removal guidelines we’ve established with the snow removal contractor:

Scope of Work

  • Contractor shall shovel snow from sidewalks and porches at an accumulated depth of 2 inches.
  • Contractor shall plow snow from streets, parking areas, and alleys at an accumulated depth of 2 inches.
  • Contractor shall remove snow from all north facing areas at an accumulated depth of 2 inches.

Time Requirements

Snow will be removed as soon as possible after the snow has stopped falling. If still snowing at 6:00am and snow has exceeded the depth requirements, the roads and driveways will be cleared sufficiently to allow cars to get out, with a return to finish when the snow stops. Removal of snow from sidewalks and porches before snow has stopped falling will not be done unless [the Association requests it].


Ice Treatment

[The Association] allows the contractor to apply ice melt materials as needed during the primary snow removal event. Any additional ice melt applications must be requested, in writing, by [the Association] (melt and refreeze situations).

If you see any areas that have not been properly cleared, please contact Cliff at Maximum Property Management and he will pass it along to the snow removal contractor.

A Note on Parking

Please respect the “No Parking” sign between the lift station and 4561. This area is reserved for snow storage, and cars parked there may be towed or blocked in.