January 2015 Board Meeting

The January board meeting will be held on January 19, 2015 at 7pm at 4545 E Kentucky Circle.

As always, members of the Association are welcome to attend.

Please note that non-members (members are defined in Bylaws 3.2 (a) and 3.2 (b) as owners or co-owners of a unit) may not attend meetings unless they are assigned as a representative by a member of the association in written form, including the date of the meeting and the signature of that member. An example is below:



To whom it may concern:


I, [OWNER NAME], am the owner of 45XX E Kentucky Circle, Glendale, CO.  I authorize [REPRESENTATIVE NAME] to speak on my behalf at the Kentucky Ridge board meeting on [MEETING DATE].





A separate letter will be required for each board meeting. Please submit your letter to Cliff Johnson prior to the meeting via email (cliff@maximummgt.com) or fax (303-369-0801). Letters will also be accepted at the meeting.