Drain Pan Replacement Update

The barricades have been taken down, indicating that the new concrete can be driven on. However, the project is not yet complete, as there is still asphalt work to be done.

The asphalt work will consist of cutting out the old asphalt and replacing it on each side of the new concrete to a width of approximately five feet. It is a fairly quick process, but it is possible that residents who choose to use their garage or the parking spaces along Kentucky Place may find their vehicles stuck for several hours while the crews work on that section.

Therefore, the board is recommending that residents continue to keep Kentucky Place as clear as possible to give the crews room to work and to avoid getting stuck . Instead we recommend residents park in guest parking or off property, as recommended previously.

Also keep in mind that the Infinity parking lot will not be available for resident parking beginning at noon tomorrow, 9/16. Residents who leave their cars there after noon may be ticketed by Glendale Police.

Once again, thank you for your patience during this project. We will post again once the project is complete and parking access is fully restored.