URGENT: Be careful with what is put down drains


This week the Kentucky Ridge sewer pump station had it’s quarterly check up and it was discovered that a mop head was blocking the primary and backup pumps from functioning. To correct this issue, a crane was needed on property—an extremely expensive repair that could have easily been avoided. The money that goes to this kind of urgent repair means we have less money available for other repairs and updates around the community.

Since this is twice in one year that unacceptable items have been found blocking the pumps, the Association must remind all residents and owners that items such as towels and mop heads should NEVER be flushed or put down drains.

We need every Resident to take care of our aging sewer pump station to insure that we have no back-ups, that homes are not flood with sewage, and that everything works properly.  We were very fortunate that the inspection occurred when it did.  Had this not been discovered yesterday, it likely would have resulted in backups into basements, as both pumps were virtually inoperable.

Please make it clear to any cleaning services that come to your home that mop heads, towels, and items of the like cannot go down drains.