URGENT: Recent KR Unit Robbery


The Board has been notified that last night, Thursday, July 27, unit 4523 was robbed.  The garage was inadvertently left open and items were stolen.  As of now, it is unclear if the burglars entered the home and took anything from inside.

First, we are glad to report that the homeowner is okay and are also requesting that if you have any information regarding this incident that you please alert us and/or the owner so that we can address it and assist the owner in filing a report.

Second, we want to offer this as a reminder to everyone to always keep garages shut and access doors/windows locked.  While our gate does provide some security to our community, we all know that it is easy for anyone to get under the gate and enter our neighborhood.

Let’s continue to look out for one another and make Kentucky Ridge a safe place to live.

Thank you,

The Kentucky Ridge HOA Board