Gas Leak on Property and Upcoming Painting


On Thursday, September 14, a gas leak was reported on property.  xCel has been called, identified the leak, and shut off the gas to impacted units—Board members spent the night using the Resident Information Forms to contact owners and tenants of affected units.  They are also working alongside Maximum Management as quickly as possible to get someone out to the property to examine what’s happened and see what is needed to correct it.  We are hopeful to have repairs commence shortly.

However, the Board wants all Residents of the community to be aware of what is happening.  Should you smell gas on property, even a wiff of it (as that is how it was presenting), please call the xCel energy emergency line at: 1-800-895-2999

and Maximum Management 303-369-0800.

If you smell any gas inside your unit, do not turn on or off lights, use the garage door opener, or light matches, etc.  Leave the house and call xCel immediately should you smell gas inside your home.



Sometime between September 20-22 painting of some unit’s deck railings will take place.

The Board wants to alert all residents as it is unclear which units will come first.  While not all units will be painted, those with the greatest need will be started on this year and others will take place in the future.

Everyone should be prepared to move patio furniture away from railings on short notice—the company will not move them for you.

The Board will update the community as soon as they know more.