Volunteers welcomed!!!

Owners and Community Members,


Thank you to those who attended the Annual Meeting, made suggestions, and asked questions.

We listened!


We heard that some of you may have concerns that we only get to hear once a year and we heard that some people may be able to contribute to the community in smaller ways that don’t involve a full Board position.  We just don’t know who you are or what your skills are!  As a result, we want to invite and encourage more communication with the community throughout the year, not just at year’s end.


So, the Board has a few requests/suggestions:

  1. Please contact us if you have an accounting or legal background. We could use your occasional assistance to review items we are dealing with and it would be helpful to know who we could reach out to review documents and materials.
  2. Please let us know if you would be willing to donate some time—a morning or a day—to projects around the community. The Board is regularly out donating their time to plant flowers, dead head roses, and participate in our annual Earth Day event; but three people cannot do everything!  If we don’t get volunteer help, we have to pay for contract work.  Here is an opportunity for you to have a direct impact on your own finances by helping us avoid paying for expensive labor from a contractor.
  3. Email us if you have stucco cracks or concerns about your unit: include your unit number, the concern, and a photo of the area.  We realize that there has been a huge “change in the guard” in the last year and some of your requests for stucco repair might have gotten lost in the shuffle.  We want to re-create the list of requests and priority units and more regularly inform everyone know where they stand in the “stucco repair queue.”  

  4. Consider attending a regular monthly Board meeting. The Board can work more effectively and address resident concerns more quickly if we hear from you more regularly instead of just at the end of the year.
  5. Join us! Please remember, we also have two Board positions open: Vice President and Member-at-Large.  Neither position requires as much work as the currently filled ones, but both give you a seat at the table to voice your opinions, concerns, and a make a difference in our community—if you want a voice in the community, now is your chance to help make change!

If everyone can contribute in some small way, we may be able to get more done around the community and get to know our neighbors better along the way!


Please contact us at: manager@kentuckyridge.com or at: Christy@maximummgt.com