Interior Patio Fences, Resident Information Forms, and Radon Awareness

Dear Homeowners,

A few thoughts and requests after our recent Executive Board Meeting:

  1. Owners with Detached Garages and Interior Fences: Since the Board is unable to access interior patio areas for all units with detached garages, the Board requests any homeowners with these interior fences take a moment to inspect them.  Should you see areas that need attention, please snap a photo of that area and email the picture and your concern to Maximum Management at:  We are hoping to develop a priority list to begin working on as the weather gets warmer.
  2. Resident Information Forms: Please update your Resident Information Form and/or let the Board know if new tenants are in your unit.  This information is used for emergency purposes and helps the Board contact people living in our community when significant issues happen (like the recent gas leak).  If your information is out of date and we cannot reach you or your tenants in an emergency, there could be more damage to your unit or belongings if we can’t get in touch with the people who reside there.
  3. Radon Awareness:  This month is radon awareness at the EPA.  You can purchase a radon testing kit at Home Depot or a discounted kit through the link below to test the air in your home.  Here is some more information that may be useful to everyone:

The Kentucky Ridge Board