72-Hour Guest Vehicle Parking Rule

For the purposes of enforcing the community parking rules, the Board interprets “72-hours” to mean 3 evening/nightly appearances in guest parking, either consecutive or cumulatively. Since the HOA is unable to monitor and track guest parking use on an hourly basis (24-hours per day, 7 days per week), the Board has found this interpretation to be the most practical and feasible. It is the responsibility of the tenant and the homeowner to inform the Board of any periodically visiting guest vehicle, and especially upon written inquiry placed on the vehicle. Unidentified vehicles ignoring Board inquiries and Violation Notices may be towed as a safety risk to the community. Resident vehicles parked in a guest space without prior Board permission may be enforced on at any time.

The Board stepped up enforcement of community parking rules beginning in 2017 because several Kentucky Ridge units were found to be parking resident vehicles out on a nightly basis or rotating 3rd and 4th resident vehicles through guest parking so as not to exceed 72 hours for any single resident vehicle. The HOA governing documents state that each unit is allowed no more than two resident vehicles which must be parked in the garage and that all outdoor spaces are designated as guest parking only.

Declining to communicate with the Board upon written inquiry and/or identifying a vehicle as a valid guest after Violation Notices and fines have been assessed to the unit will not be considered valid grounds for dismissal of any fines assessed. The Association member is responsible for ensuring their tenants understand and adhere to community rules and is responsible for any fines incurred by their tenants.

The best way to inform the HOA of your guest vehicles is by emailing kentuckyridgecolohoa@gmail.com