Snow Removal Update

Snow Removal Update November 16, 2018

Will this be the year…it’s been a while since we’ve had serious snow in Denver, but with 80+ inches at Loveland, maybe the city will see more than we’ve had for the last couple of years too.

Last Monday’s snow didn’t meet our snow removal contract minimums, but did leave icy areas on the east-west driveways and sidewalks that have always been a problem, even with minimal accumulation.

Our first goal is the safety of residents and visitors, but snow removal costs require common sense and some community participation.

The contractor automatically determines whether the minimums have been met:

  • Sidewalks are shoveled if there is a 2-inch accumulation
  • Driveways are plowed if there is a 4-inch accumulation

Our fees are based on time and materials, so budgeting from year-to-year is a best guess/average of prior experience. This can be a costly budget item.

Each snow event is evaluated on several factors, especially when the minimums aren’t met.  These include whether temperatures are expected to be above freezing for an extended period or if more snow is expected within a few days.

Community members.  When the minimums aren’t met, several community members have voluntarily cleared sidewalks, especially to provide access to the mailboxes and in areas that receive no or little sunlight.  In addition, the contractor provides ice-melt in buckets placed around the community for residents to use as needed.

Today we have requested additional buckets for the community which should be in place before this weekend and we hope residents of Kentucky Ridge will consider contributing some time and effort to those snow events that don’t meet the minimum accumulations.

Please let the Board know if you have questions or comments by emailing

-Landscape/Snow Removal Committee

Sue Radcliff and Joy Stewart